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Strictly Quality

At Technilube we only use the highest quality, strictly Virgin, Group 2 base oils for our lubricant products. These highly refined mineral oils provide higher quality, and longer service life for our lubricants and exceed industry standards.

These base oils are blended with internationally specified additive packs in ISO approved facilities resulting in superior quality products you can trust.  We make sure that we are supplying the correct product for your application so that you have peace of mind and continue doing what you need to do, and not worry about your equipment.

Automotive Products

Engine Oils

We have a full range of engine oils ranging from basic SAE 30 and 40 Monogrades to highly advanced synthetic 10W60 and 5W30 products.

We have motor oils for all applications, covering trucking, agriculture, generators and passenger vehicles. Please Contact Us for product info on your specific application.

Transmission oils and fluids

We cover various manual and automatic transmission applications and products are available for automatic and manual gearboxes, transmissions, differentials and axles.

We cover on and off-highway applications for trucking, mining, agriculture and passenger vehicles. Contact Us for more info.

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